10 Books to Read for Motivation

There are days you may think that life is indeed tough and there is no other way to escape it, these books will definitely provide you wisdom, pieces of advice and impart life lessons and great impact as you go along to your journey.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

John C. Maxwell


A book that will teach you on how to turn your failures or losses into learning experience to move forward and to be stronger than you were before, every bad experience serves as a reason to push yourself to success and no setbacks can stand in your way.

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho


If you happen to give up to your dreams, this book would be the perfect motivational book to read, it enhances your ability to believe in yourself, to have faith that though it will take a while before you achieve your goals, at the end the victory is yours.


Rejection Proof

Jia Jang


A very relatable book for everyone who still suffering from the fear of rejection, how many chances are you willing to let it pass? The Rejection Proof book motivates its readers on how to overcome their fear and from then on, starts to enjoy the advantages of conquering any possible setbacks or doubts within yourself.



The 4 Hour Workweek

Timothy Ferriss


If you are tired of working whether it be in an office-based and home-based and it seems 24 hours a day is not enough to accomplish everything, the author of this book is a popular guest lecturer at Princeton University in Entrepreneurship; sharing some secrets of Remote Control CEOs, how to reduce the time you work per week and to have more time with your family and doing the things you love.


Who Moved My Cheese?

Spencer Johnson & Kenneth Blanchard


This book is often recommended by managers for their subordinates, this book enables its readers who’d like to change the way they live their life when it comes to relationship, money and career. One of the best features of this book, it challenges the readers on how to adapt when changes arrived.


Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Business Creativity

Michael Michalko


If you are business enthusiast, this book will motivate you a lot to generate more ideas more than you expect when it comes to planning, strategy and how to keep-up with the business trends. At the end of the book, it tells us that everyone is born with great talent and you deserve to make the best out of your business.


Winning With People

John Maxwell


This book comprises of 25 principles on how to deal with different type of persons and situations at work and in life, this is definitely a must-read book; reminding you that you are not in a competition with others and henceforth you should have to understand the people around you, why other people succeed and why others continue to hurt each other. After reading this book, you can think of what principle is the most applicable at your end.



Malcolm Gladwell


“What makes achievers different? Malcolm on this book briefly explains the answers and typically reminds us that we normally see the achievements of others and we tend to forget to look back on their humble beginnings along with their struggles in life, and family before they were able to be one of the successful persons.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Richard Carlson


A stress-filled life sometimes lead you to have confusions, productive and approachable, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff will teach you how to calm down even when you thought that there’s nothing you can do but to shout and blame others. There are certain circumstances and situations in life that are not worthy of your time so might as well choose your battle.


The Motivation Manifesto

Brendon Burchard


If you keep on losing your motivation over and over again, probably this is the ideal book to keep yourself focus and on-the-go in each time you feel lost, degraded or hopeless. According to Paulo Coelho who have read this book: this is a powerful book to find our own personal freedom, lifting the reader from mere motivation into a soaringly purposeful and meaningful life.”

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