10 Happiest Jobs in the World

You might be wondering what is the best career for you after you graduated in College or you’re planning to change your career after 10 years working in your current profession.

You might want to consider these 10 happiest jobs in the world in no particular order we have list for you and see if it works.

  1. Teachers

The most satisfying job, being a teacher is not merely being exhausted for the entire day and calculating grades every night you get home, teacher is one of the best jobs you could ever have. You tend to share knowledge with your students, gaining life strategies from them, teaching is a two-way street wherein you are sharing your knowledge and at the same time you’re gaining their trust, you have group of people who’d love to listen and spend their time learning from you.

  1. Psychologist

Psychologist working in a private sector or hospital can set their own schedule sometimes depends upon his patient’s needs, Psychologist uses their expertise to help and improve every individual’s behaviour. It’s like making friends with different type of people who needs his professional skills, and they are approachable, they can conduct counselling even outside of his office.

  1. Marketers and PR People

Two of the best and fulfilling jobs in Philippines, you might see them working in tight schedules, high-stress environment and in a competitive industry but little did we know they have wide range of professional networks that they can call in any type of industry. Marketers and PR group of people are totally friendly and approachable, their skills on handling stress and time-management are way amusing.



  1. Medical Practitioner

Improving one’s health is very fulfilling job they can do for the people, they know what are the medicines that people need to take in certain sickness and they have brilliant minds to store large number of medical conditions without browsing any notes.

  1. Fire-fighters

it’s like working everyday with a second family, fire fighters stay long hours in their duty waiting for calls that need their help, their relationship towards to their colleagues are like siblings, supporting and helping each other. They are not Gods who can save the lives of people by reborn but they are group of people willing to risk their lives to save other people in times of calamity.

  1. Web and App Developers

Some Web and App Developers are allowed to work at home or also called “remotely”, as per our generation today, Developers are in high demand, there will always be job opening for these positions due to the increasing number of entrepreneurs and large companies who need to create and maintain websites.

  1. Writers

Writers are like developers, they can work in an office-based or any place where they can be inspired and motivate to write according to the clients’ needs. Writers are able to disseminate information in form of writing; they can also express themselves and the flow of their creativity is too interesting, they have the flare or power to captivate you between the lines of their words.

  1. Nurse

Doctors may get the credit from them but without nurses, every operation would not be possible without their intention to assist doctors and help people to be healed; bringing back patients’  healthy lifestyle again.


  1. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager may need to travel and by means of travelling they are working with pleasure, this kind of profession requires an individual who’s willing to work long hours but then, the good side of it; they witness how does a company keep-up with the competition with its competitors that may lead them to establish their own.

  1. Executive Assistant

When Chair Members are on a holiday, EA or Executive Assistant is also enjoying his holiday and usually the higher management do not arrive in the office very early that is why EA’s working schedule is not fixed for as long as they make sure to arrive in the office and prepare everything right before the Executive Officer and other Chair Members arrive.

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