10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Dreams

“You will never know how much you can accomplish until you try. Never stop trying. Your miracle will come in undefined moments.”
― Lailah GiftyAkita

In most cases, you may think that life challenges are blocking your way to achieve your dreams and henceforth, you start to feel envy of others why they have time and strength of reaching their dreams while yours remain as dreams that will never happen in real life.

Here are the reasons why you should not give up on your dreams:

  1. It’s better to try and fail than to wonder what might have been

It’s better to work hard and sow every seed you have planted by the time it blooms, failure is just part of it so might as well get used to it, when you fail, stand-up and continue working. Nobody becomes successful of waiting what can happen next.

  1. You are setting a good example to others

If you happen to have kids, be a good example to them; no matter how hard your life would be, these hurdles will never make you stop. Prove to those people who did not believe to your capabilities that it’s really worth a try.

  1. You need passion in your life

If you’re just living your life by following the demands of others, you will never know how it feels like to work on something and on the latter part enjoy it. You have to know your purpose in life and when the time comes you that your dreams are reachable, climb up and be firm.

  1. Kiss your doubters with your success

At first, no one will believe in you and they will doubt and drag you down without even asking if you are seeking for help. The best thing you can do is to show them that you are strong enough to fight each battle and you were able to withstand everything just to have your dreams; Make your success speaks for yourself.

  1. Believe in your dreams and everything will follow

According to Paulo Coelho, when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it; when you start to believe in yourself, you will notice that your family and friends will be there to support you. You must have the courage to go outside of your comfort zone and take risks, at the end the victory is yours.

  1. You are alive and you can do anything

Reflect and be thankful for every blessing that God has showered upon you, grab this great opportunity for as long as you’re breathing. Always remember that there are many people out there who are misfortunate than you, make use of your luck, nothing is impossible if you have the determination and willingness to achieve your goals.

  1. No one can make your dream, it is only you

You cannot expect others to work for your dreams, they also have theirs. Be an inspiration to the people around you, make them see by working smart is the key to have a blissful and prosperous life more than anyone can imagine.

  1. Regrets have no space in your heart

Always stay optimistic, our time here on earth is very limited we don’t even know when we’ll be gone, the brave ones will never have regrets in life knowing they have done everything they could when they were still have time.

  1. You deserve happiness

Happiness is when you were able to achieve your dreams, there’s nothing in this world can make you the happiest person alive than to get the life you really wanted and the things you really love.




  1. It’s always the darkest before dawn

When things seem to be at their worst they are about to start improving, life challenges you in every possible way you can imagine. You should not be worried about this, God is just testing your patience and determination, and you have to bear the darkest days  to enjoy the wondrous life that awaits you.

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