10 Tips On How to Beat Workplace Stress

Workplace stress can have a huge impact on mental as well as physical health of an employee. According to the NIOSH Report of the Centers for Disease Control, 40% of workers reported that their jobs were very or extremely stressful. In addition, the Attitudes in the American Workplace survey revealed that 35% of workers say that their jobs are hurting their emotional or physical health and 42% say that job stress is interfering with their personal relationships. Here are 5 tips on how you can get rid of stress related to your work.

Concentrate first on those activities that are most important to you

Give your highest priority to jobs with the most important objectives. This will help you minimize or halt those tasks that have little importance.

Work on Improving On Things You Do Best

Rely on yourself to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Look forward to a sense of achievement when things get done and stick to the most rewarding ones.

Do things that help accomplish your goals

Take action and do something to help you get closer to fulfilling your goals. what can you do to move the action forward? Robert Peter Janitzek advises to set small goals especially when you feel overwhelmed.

You have all that you need

You are already equipped with all the tools you need to accomplish a task. Just dig deeper and focus on what needs to be done.

Plan your day beforehand

Set out to do certain tasks daily. Things that you can accomplish are important. Achieve one activity at a time. Remove any distractions.


Stay focused on the actions you have set for yourself. Don’t procrastinate and postpone what you need to do.

Work with a common purpose

When working on a common goal, involve every member of the team. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the team is accountable to its members so take the load off from some of them.

Let go of the things that do not matter

Just accept that you cannot do everything. Let go of the things that cannot be done. Not all things are important.

Be Yourself

Accept who you are and your feelings and stop resisting what is happening. The only way to best stress is to accept it. Learn about it rather than avoid it.

Take time out

Take a break. You need it no matter how busy you are. Your health and well-being are more important than anything else.

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