10 Tricks You Can Apply to Motivate Yourself

Motivating yourself to accomplish something can be a real challenge. Given the emotional hurdles and the distractions, getting started is not that easy. Add to that is the fact that we love to procrastinate. We are only good at the start. In this article, we shall take a look at 13 ways you can stay motivated.

Sometimes we just need a little push in order to get ourselves going. Unfortunately, it is this push that is hard to get. We need to pump up ourselves emotionally to get started. Here are some tricks that you can apply to motivate yourself.

Answer The “Why”

If you find the task dull and boring, ask yourself “why” you are doing it. If you can’t seem to find an answer, you should not bother to do it in then.

Practice The5-Minute Rule

Try working for five minutes. Often, this little time is enough to get you started.

Move Around

One of the ways you can stay motivated is to keep on moving. It may sound silly or crude at first but it definitely works.

Move On To The Next Step

Sometimes the best way to work on a task is to proceed to the next step. Trying to finish a task can be a cause to procrastinate. Chunk up the project to make it more manageable.

Find Your Itch

Discover for yourself the obstacles that keeps you from working. Whether its boredom, tiredness, or anger, you have to work on removing the problem.

Overcome your Fear

Sometimes it is hidden fear and anxieties that stops us from accomplishing a task. To stay motivated, you need to Isolate that fear and learn how to handle the worst case scenario.

Find a Partner

Get someone to motivate you when you are procrastinating and feeling unmotivated. You can easily find yourself quitting but having someone to stop you can help a great deal.

Plan out your day

Place all the important tasks you need to do in the morning. This momentum might help you become more motivated and help you accomplish things later in the day.

Get Help

There are many books and tools on motivation that you can use at your disposal. New ideas can help you stay motivated and set your brain in motion.

Have a Mantra

A mantra is like a philosophy that you can apply in your life to get you motivated. If you cannot think of one, you can start with “Do it now!”

Take these tips into consideration and you can find yourself getting up and working on the task at hand.
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