10 Ways to have a work and life balance

Are you struggling on how to balance your work and life almost each and everyday? Feeling burn-out at the office is inevitable especially when beating a project’s deadline; there are instances that you have to work overtime and you simply cannot say no.

Here’s the rundown to improve your work-life.

  1. Let go of perfectionism and whatnots

If you are having troubles when it comes to the project’s perfections and it takes you a long time before you deliver a task might as well let go of perfectionism, nobody wants to accept a task in a long period of time. Submit your task on time and if the Manager ask you to revise it that’s the only time you have to do it; you need comments and suggestions to make it perfect.

  1. Reward Yourself

Once in a while make it a habit to buy something for yourself, it can be an ice cream, new pair of shoes or a journal, and you can expect that everything will be more enjoyable if you will just look at a brighter side.

  1. Delegate

Unless you are self-declared superhero you can do more things than anybody else. Learn how to delegate tasks that is why the Management provides you subordinates or colleagues to work together.

  1. Turn-off notifications

Whether during office time or you just got home, the only advisable time to check those notifications is when you are done working on your tasks and you have spent enough time with your family after dinner meal.



  1. Change your habit

If you got used drinking on weekends you better change that habit of yours. Think of some alternatives like doing movie marathon with friends or a spouse or to cook something extra-ordinary, drinking alcohol every weekends can lead you to become exhausted on the first day of the week. Your pain resistance will not function well because you are dehydrated.

  1. Set a quick getaway

You are not born to work and you should not live your life just to pay your bills. You deserve a break.

  1. Draw a line

Prioritize important matters and set aside issues nor drama that may get in your way; by simplifying your life with this tip you will have more time to solve problems, accomplished projects on time and chances would be; leaving the office premises on time.

  1. Open-up your needs

We live in a world where technology plays a vital role in our lives, you just cannot simply work with incomplete materials, you have to have a voice on the things you need to work smart and not hard.

  1. Learn how to say “NO”

Just imagine a colleague who always ask favours to you because he has an event to attend or he wants to go home early; there you are working overtime while he enjoy. Learning on how to say no will bring your life at peace without any hassle at all, it saves a lot of your time. Always think of this thought “If you need to ask a favour from your colleague, is he willing to do it just for you?”



  1. Ask for a professional help

No man is an island, if you encounter detour always seek for a professional help, you will be surprised knowing that they have several solutions for your problem making your work easier to finish.

By following these tips you will be able to have the following:

  • An organized life
  • Making things happen
  • You are now in control of your life
  • Enjoy every step of the way

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