10 Websites for your Daily Motivation

If you’re feeling clueless on the coming days and you cannot think of any reasons why you have to still push through with life, here are ten (10) websites you should check everyday, the list below comprises of different variety of categories for your preferences.

  1. Lifehack (http://www.lifehack.org/)

    If you are looking for motivational tips in all aspects in life, Lifehack is one of the prime productivity and lifestyle you can ever see on the web. Categories such as money, productivity and work are some of the most clicked in Lifehack.

  1. Productivity501 (http://www.productivity501.com/)

    This site will enlighten you with answers you need related to corporate world, how to be organized all the time, keeping your eyes on the goal. Productivity501 releases an article per week to ensure readers for its originality; it also has YouTube and Vimeo videos.

  1. Diet-blog.com (diet-blog.com)

    For health enthusiasts, Diet-blog.com will help you to maintain your desired body shape in a natural way, there are articles about health myth and tools like weight calculator and guidelines available online you can use.

  1. Smashing Magazine (smashingmagazine.com)

    For IT work essentials and tutorials, Smashing Magazine will definitely motivate each reader, it has complete access on how to become a developer and designer if you are really interested to learn and this helps you to save more money.

  1. Female Network (femalenetwork.com)

    Women empowerment plays a vital role to every woman in universe; it does not necessarily mean you have to attend every activities and meeting elsewhere. You can now enjoy and be motivated right at the comfort of your home to this website.

  1. Moms for Moms (momsformoms.com.ph)

    For first time parents, there are days that you will be frustrated because you do not know what to do when your baby is out-of-control. Moms for Moms provides information that will help you through articles on what are the proper handling when it comes to your baby’s health, welfare and future. Several articles are uploaded to keep you motivated in taking care of your child.

  2. How Stuff  Works  (www.howstufworks.com)

    This has informative quizzes you can take during your spare time, What’s good in it, you can also check articles about health, animals and even adventure.

  3. Snap Guide (https://snapguide.com/)

    A website full of how-to articles in you are eager to learn new things that will bring out your creativity, it discusses home décor, automotive, technology, beaut, desserts, arts and crafts and food. Everybody will absolutely love this website especially if you are longing to motivate and be inspired on how to produce things out of nothing.

  4. Ted.com (www.ted.com)

    Ideas that are worth reading, aside from the articles on the site there are also conferences, lessons from the world’s most inspired thinkers, business, life, careers every question you have in mind Ted.com is the ideal website to visit.

  5. Entrepreneur.com (http://www.entrepreneur.com/)

    Social media and marketing strategies, content creation can be found here, if you have tight schedules and no time to attend important seminars related to your work you can simply check this site everyday. Entrepreneur is one of the most visited worldwide when it comes to improving yourself at work, business, money, and life.

    There’s no doubt you can be as successful as Henry Sy, Ayala Group of Companies if you just keep on checking these sites and be motivated all the time.

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