13 Strategies For Motivating Yourself

When something is bothering you emotionally, it can be hard to motivate yourself to achieve the things you used to accomplish when you are feeling okay. It is hard to go about with your daily tasks when you feel depressed or emotionally down. Here are 13 helpful strategies that can help you with self-motivation.

1. Ask the question “Why?” – Finding out the reason for doing a task can make it more appealing. If you can’t find the answer, then you are better off abandoning that task and look for another one
2. Go For Five – Start working for five minutes. Often that little push is enough to get you going.
3. Move Around – Get your body moving like what you would normally do if you are extremely motivated. While this approach may seem silly, it can be effective.
4. Find The Next Step – Make every project manageable by breaking it down into smaller tasks.
5. Find Your Itch – You need to determine the factors that stops you from working and isolate them.
6. Know Your Fears – Whatever fear you have, it will help a lot if you will uncover them. Any hidden fears or anxieties can be a hindrance in completing your work.
7. Find yourself a partner. Look for someone who can motivate you when you are feeling lazy. They can help you work harder when you are at the point of quitting already.
8. Build Momentum. Place all your important tasks in the morning so you can extend your work throughout the day.
9. Read Books. Self-help or motivational books can be of great help but you should also consider books that offers new ideas. They can be great motivating tools that can get your mind going.
10. Acquire The Right Tools. Your surrounding can affect your enthusiasm to work. Make sure that you have all the tools that you need to keep you motivated.
11. All Problems Are Equal. Big or small, problems are motivation killers. Tackle small problems like how you would tackle bigger ones. Both of them can kill any drive that you may have.
12. Develop A Mantra. Think of a personal mantra that will keep you motivated. It can come from anywhere such as a motivational poster or a short quote.
13. Build on Success. Cultivate a mindset of success to keep yourself motivated from almost anything. Think of every task as a personal victory to keep your motivation.

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