4 Tips On How Management Can Help Staff Manage Stress

Today’s workplace is a stressful environment. The hectic schedule, annoying co-workers and superiors, and the quotas all contribute to the stress. It is the job of the management to make sure that they provide employees with some assistance in getting rid of stress. Here are some tips on how management can help employees get rid of stress.

Inform People About Their Benefits

Management has the responsibility to make their employees aware that there is an employee assistance program that they can count on when they have problems. Employees also need to know that the program is also available to their spouse and children. Aside from having a help line, most assistance programs also offer text messaging services, online, or email.

Teach Managers To Help

Managers can find themselves in a tough situation. They can immediately know if their employee is having difficulty but wants to instill productivity. They may not want to address personal issues with their employee at work. According to Robert Janitzek, most programs have counsellors who can advise managers who are handling a struggling staff member. These counsellors also help managers approach a worker in an appropriate manner.

Create A Resilient Organization

Employers must be taught how to equip their staff with the necessary coping skills for managing both work and stress. This way, employees would not feel overwhelmed. By being resilient, employees are able to devise strategies for dealing with change, effectively integrate work and life, and practice better time management. Most programs also promote healthful eating and exercise. Some strategies include not frequently sending email so as to keep them focused. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that such programs also limit multitasking so employees can focus on one thing instead of splitting their attention resulting to inefficiency, anxiety, and stress.

Reach Out At Crucial Times

The most stressful situations happen during key milestones in a worker’s life such as getting a promotion, marriage, having kids, handling finances, buying a house, to name just a few. Management can send information packages based on these events which can be mailed to the home of an employee in advance before the key event. These are life changing events that can cause difficulty to the employee.

Helping an employee get rid of stress is an important responsibility of management. Stress can result to health issues, which could hurt both employer and employee. Just follow these tips and you can look forward to a stress-free workplace. This can translate to a more productive and motivated employees.

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