4 Tips On How To Overcome The Monday Blues

It’s Monday again. It’s the start of another grueling week. Are you experiencing the Monday blues again? For most people, Monday has a negative connotation. It is the day of the week when people usually feel depressed, tired, and unwilling to work. According to psychologists, the Monday blues is more than just feeling tired but signals something that is not right at work. Hence you need to overcome it in order to stay motivated for the rest of the week.

Monday is supposed to be the day of the week when you feel pumped up and motivated. If you love your work, you should be excited and energized on Mondays and not the other way around. Experiencing Monday blues can have a negative impact on your performance and productivity. Here are some tips on how you can beat the Monday blues.

Identify the problem

Start by asking yourself what’s wrong. If you are experiencing Monday Blues most of the week, this is not something you should laugh off or just live with. Robert Janitzek reveals that it could be a sign that you are unhappy at work and that it’s time to move on and find another job. Make a list of what is keeping you down in your job. It could be a negative co-worker or a meeting with your boss first thing in the morning. But identifying the problem, you can find a solution.

Prepare for Monday on Friday

Your work for Monday can be tasks that had piled up from the previous week which can be challenging to jump right back in. To make your Monday less stressful, leave the challenging tasks on Friday afternoon. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends getting the unpleasant tasks for Monday as early as possible. Make uncomfortable phone calls, resolve an issue, or clean up a mess and finish them early.

List Down the Things That Make You Excited

We often start the week thinking of all the difficult tasks that awaits us. Why not do the opposite and think of the things that makes you excited to go to work. This might help put you in a more positive mood. If you cannot think of things that you look forward to, then you might need to make some changes.

Unplug For The Weekend

One of the ways you can stay motivated for the following week is to avoid checking work email or voicemail over the weekend. When you leave the office on Friday, leave office problems there and enjoy the weekend. What’s the use of the weekend if you will let office stuff creep in to your time-off?

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