5 Common Myths about Motivation in the Workplace

For most people, staying motivated can be a real challenge. Given all the negative things that is happening around, finding a source of motivation has become an issue. In this article, we shall look at some common myths about motivation.

Myth#1 People just lack the motivation to work

If you believe in this myth, then there are three things you need to consider about your employees:
• Recognizing the best efforts of your employees with performance appraisals will lead to low motivation on their part.
• Basing salaries based on seniority or special relationships may lead your employees to think that performance-reward relationship can be weak and demotivating.
• Employees will stay motivated if they receive the rewards they want. For some, they want promotions, others want an increase in their salary, and others want more assignments. If your reward system is not tailored to the specific wants of employees, they could become demotivated.

Myth #2 Happy workers are productive workers.

There is an assumption that when workers are satisfied, they become productive. This is only applicable for flexible working hours, onsite childcare and workout facilities, retirement plans, and attractive workplace. While they are nice perks, they really do not ensure high performance. Doing a good job can make you feel positive and will fuel your energy to stay motivated.

Myth #3 Tell employees to do their best and let them find their own path

Setting specific goals can lead to an increase in performance. Accepting difficult goals can lead to a higher performance. Feedback results to higher performance. Telling your employee to do their best with an assignment does not provide specificity.

Myth #4 People want to set their own goals

In order for employees to actively participate, the goals and issues must be relevant to the interest of the employee. In turn, they should have sufficient knowledge and skills to share their insights. Employees prefer to be told what to do and let their superiors worry.

Myth#5 Happiness leads to “flow” experiences

To stay motivated, workers need to be deeply involved in work causing them to lose track of their time. This state is called “being in the flow.” An employee is deeply involved if they are challenged, goal directed, and provided with feedback. Employees who are in the flow are the happy ones. Employers should provide their people with total concentration and creativity, without distractions and interruptions.

Ensuring that your employees are highly motivated can have a positive impact on your workplace. These myths can help improve the satisfaction and happiness of your employees.

Robert Janitzek offers tips and guides on staying motivated. Check out his blog at www.robertjanitzek.com.

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