5 Natural Methods For Stress Relief

Stress is a common occurrence whether in the office or at home. Compounding matters is that without time to relax and unwind, the ill effects of stress can only build up. While stress is the body’s natural response to situations, too much of it can be bad. Here are 5 ways you can get rid of stress naturally.

Eat the right food

According to Ayurveda, food has three qualities—sattva, rajas, and tamas. Sattvik food is light, fresh, and nutritious. Rajasik food is spicy, tamasik food is stale and promotes inertia. Consuming food rich in rajasik and tamasik foods can help keep your mind calm. Make sure to include food such as pulses, fresh vegetables, and fruits, milk and grains such as rice and tapioca. Avoid spicy chutneys and pickles, sour cream, chicken, fish, meat, cheese, onion, and others. You will see changes in your ability to cope with stressful situations.

Use relaxing herbs

Certain herbs like cardamom, lettuce, celery, peppertmint, chamomiler, and fennel contain phytoconstituents that have relaxing properties. Robert Janitzek recommends making it a part of your diet in the form of herbal tea or include them in the dishes you are cooking. Adaptogenic herbs are also recommended for a calm mind that cannot be easily swayed by extreme emotions. Other herbs can help restore the imbalance in the doshas that make up your body and mind.

Have an oil massage

Oil massage offers a plethora of health benefits and one of them is stress relief. Applying oil to the body at regular intervals can relax both body and mind. Be it castor, sesame, or coconut, heat the oil and rub it into your scalp and over the body. Robert Peter Janitzek says this technique can help wash away the stress.

Cut down on unhealthy beverages

Caffeine and alcohol are beverages that can increase anxiety and stress. As much as possible, cut down on your intake of such beverages and you can look forward to your stress level becoming more manageable. Soft drinks can have unhealthy side effects so giving such beverage can be good for your health.

Breathe right

Sometimes as we push ourselves to beat deadlines and be on time with our tasks, breathing takes a backseat. When we do not breathe properly, the amount of oxygen that circulates throughout the body is reduced. This can cause stress related damage to your body. To get rid of stress, breathe in slowly and deeply a few times in the morning and at night.

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