5 Signs You Are Working In A Toxic Workplace

Working people spend 8 to 9 hours of their day in the office. They deal with different kinds of co-workers and some even become friends. Next to their spouse and family, co-workers are the people they most interact with. If you are not happy with your working environment, chances are it may spill over to your personal life. Working in a toxic workplace will not only affect your confidence and self-esteem. But how do you know that you are working in a hostile workplace? Read on as Robert Janitzek shows us the tell-tale signs of a toxic workplace:

1. You Are Told To Feel “Lucky You Have A Job.”

We often hear this statement from your HR Director or boss. This is red flag you should watch out for. This is a symptom of an organization that thrives on bullying and control.

2. Poor communication.

Do you often find yourself misinformed or totally not informed about things? If you are, this is another sign of a toxic workplace. Chances are, you will get no or minimal feedback about your performance. If you are, it is negative and harsh instead of constructive. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there may also be times that your boss will take credit for your accomplishments. If you already discussed this with management or HR but showed no improvement, consider leaving.

3. Everyone has a bad attitude

There is nothing more frustrating and demotivating than having co-workers who feel miserable. You will also most likely be surrounded by people who show no enthusiasm or rarely smiles. There is also a high turnover ratio. Employees usually are unhappy and have low morale.

4. There’s always office drama.

If you feel like being the talk of the town whenever you pass by the corridor, then this is a sign of a toxic workplace. Workers in a toxic workplace will usually be found gathering at the water cooler whispering in each other’s ears. It can make you feel anxious and paranoid because there will always be rumors swirling around.

5. You have a tyrannical boss.

Do you get the feeling that your boss is trying to control you? They monitor your every move waiting to pounce on you for messing up. A toxic boss will always wield his power showing you who’s in-charge. This type of boss does not want to listen to suggestions because they feel that their way is the right one.

The good news is that there is a way to get rid of stress associated with a toxic workplace. You may not have control of the people and situations around you but you can control your response. Be aware of the patterns around you and respond accordingly.

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