5 Steps To Bounce Back From A Job Loss

Being jobless can be a challenge. After working hard all your life, thriving on the pressures and challenges of your work, you end up without a job. But you do not have to sulk in one corner as if it is already hopeless. Now that you are unemployed you will need all the motivation to find yourself a job. Here are some of the steps you need to stay motivated during job loss.

Focus on the Future

When you are demotivated, it is easy to get stuck in the past and what could have happened. You could be feeling sorry for yourself, feeling self-pity, and a sense of powerlessness. Instead of being sorry, focus on the future, and on what you need to do to set yourself up as you go job hunting. Set your mind on finding ways you can budget your money and building relationships with those who can help you find a new job.

Don’t Let Your Job Status Define You

According to a research by Marty Seligman, the biggest determinant between those who succeed after setbacks of any kind is their interpretation of it. Robert Janitzek reveals that this means that when you interpret losing your job as a sign of personal inadequacy, you are less likely to get back on the horse in your job hunt. When employers reject you, do not take it personally. Employers will be more attracted to you for staying confident and positive despite job loss.

Prioritize Self-Care

With job loss, you may be tempted to just lie down on the couch and feel sorry for yourself. To be mentally and emotionally resilient, you need to be physically strong as well. So be mindful of taking care of yourself and do whatever it takes to stay strong and fit. Robert Peter Janitzek says that having regular exercise can build your resilience leaving you more immune to stress.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

The people surrounding you can have a huge impact on how you see yourself, your situation, and what you can do to improve it. Be wary of the people you hang out with and avoid being with negative people. They will only waste your time and energy. Instead, be in the company of people who will uplift you and give you moral support as you get back to the workforce.

Tap Your Network

The more people you get for your support team, the more help you can get. Whether as your cheer leader or employment connection, tapping your network can help you get back on your feet again after a job loss.

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