5 Tactics To Keep Your Team Positive and Energetic

Keeping the morale of your team up is crucial to the success not only of your team but also the entire organization. If you suddenly see a dip in the energy and excitement of your team members, it means something is wrong. They could be suffering from low morale or needs a little push from you. Here are some tactics on how your team members can stay positive.

Recognize A Job Well done

When your schedule starts to become hectic, you may often forget to stop and celebrate the success of your team members. Take a moment and recognize the good work of your members in the easiest and most effective and cheapest way to keep their morale high. Find a way to recognize the individual contribution of your team members in front of others. This will make team members feel valued.

Set (Fun) Team Goals

Setting goals is the backbone of good management strategy. However, project goals may be difficult to achieve on a day-to-day basis. So work with your team to determine immediate goals. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that it could be work-related or goofy things such as finding the weirdest story. Giving them something to work on can keep them excited and engaged.

Meet Frustrations Head-On

No matter how concrete your goals are, there will still be moments when your team will experience low morale. But rather than wait for those moments to pass, deal with them right away. Look for feedbacks and find solutions. Ask your team members why they are feeling down and how you can make them feel better. Initially, it can be an awkward situation but it can help you get feedback.

Don’t Disrupt Schedules

Robert Janitzek reveals that the morale of your team members can suffer if they get the feeling that they cannot meet personal, social, or family obligations outside of their work. While your goal is to help your team members attain professional success, you should also help them with their personal lives. Find out who among your members have appointments and try to accommodate them. This way, you can expect a better attitude from them in the office.

Learn From Each Other

Keep in mind that your team is made up of individuals with unique skills. Aside from their office skills such as Excel, PowerPoint, and others, they may also have creative talents waiting to be tapped. You can try hosting a “skillshare” model of learning that will allow them to present an untapped skill to the group.

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