5 Ways You Can Cope with a Toxic Boss

Having a toxic boss in your workplace can be difficult. These types of bosses will make you feel small or insignificant as an employee. They tend to micromanage, over-manage, or instill fear in their subordinates. Toxic bosses will constantly suck the life and enjoyment from their employees. Toxic bosses are seen as one who gives out constant criticisms or keeps a file of their employee’s mistakes. If you find yourself being managed by a toxic boss, here are some ways you can get rid of stress related to a toxic boss.


If having a toxic boss is already carrying over to your personal life, perhaps it is time to move on and seeker opportunities elsewhere. Although this is not always possible, it is something worth considering. If not now, then take small steps that will help get you out of your job and into a more peaceful work environment.

Stay Present

When it is not yet possible to leave your job physically, the next best thing we can do is leave psychologically. While it can help you cope with a toxic boss in the short-term, you still need to be productive and contribute to your workplace. Robert Janitzek explains that you will only give your boss another reason to add to your mistakes. Focus on the things you need to do and continue doing it.

Set Boundaries

Only you can protect yourself from your toxic boss so do it at all cost. Take control of your environment. If possible, limit the time you spend with your toxic boss. Look at the non-physical boundaries as well. You may need to learn how to stand up for yourself and never compromise your values when confronted with an overly demanding boss. If your boss is constantly belittling you, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends emphasizing your competence and tell them that you are open to constructive criticism not the other way around.

Don’t Take it Personally

Do not let your toxic boss affect your self-esteem or belittle you. It may be easier said than done when you are constantly being criticized. Recognize that it is not you who is making your boss treat you in this manner. However, if you are not doing a good job, your boss would have fired you a long time ago. Ask your co-employees, if they are being treated the same way as you are. If not, it is clearly a case of a toxic boss.

Get Support from Co-workers

If most of your co-workers agree with you that your boss is truly toxic, then you might want to voice out your concern and suggest coaching or management training for the toxic boss. You can also request for your boss to be transferred to another department. Your voice only will not make a difference. However, if you will solicit the help of co-employees, then there is a chance that changes can be made,

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