5 Ways To Keep Your Sales Team Positive

Being in the sales field can be a real challenge. You need to deal with a lot of pressure. Aside from your quota, there are also irate customers that you need to deal with. With such kind of job, you need to be optimistic. As a manager, you have the tough job of ensuring that your team will stay positive in order to meet both individual and team goals. Here is a guide on how to keep your sales team’s spirits up.

Be positive

In sales, there are many ups and downs. There are times when you can hit your quota and there are times you will be blank. Don’t let your failures bring you down. Focus on your success no matter how small or large. Look for the positive side of things. When you look for the positive and start with an optimistic attitude, everything will be much easier and smoother.

Know who you are

Take the time to think about and understand your own abilities and limitations. Robert Janitzek says that you should focus on what you are good at and work on the areas that you need to improve. Create for yourself a plan to get better at what you do every day and work on improving your weakness. Spend most of your time on the things that work really well.

Feed your mind to change your mood

It is but normal to sometimes wake up not feeling motivated or positive as you did the previous day. To remedy the situation, read, listen to podcasts, and watch videos to keep you motivated while dealing with negative thoughts. Robert Peter Janitzek says that you can run going to the gym or to and from work. This will help break the feeling of demotivation and at the same time learn a new skill or inspire yourself.

Break down your KPI’s

Key performance indicators (KPIs), come in all shapes and sizes depending on your company and how you sell. Regardless of your sales cycle, your KPIs can drop from time to time making it hard to stay consistent. One way to control this without pressuring yourself is to break it down. For example, if you have a goal of 30 meetings monthly, break them down into daily targets divided by the number of business days for that month. This will help you stay focused and know where you are.

Keep your eye on the prize

To stay positive, you should set your sights on the goals you need to achieve. There should be a small term and long term goal. Reward yourself as you meet your goals. Once you set your goals, you should focus on achieving them.

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