5 Ways You Can Reduce Stress

Stress can mean a lot of things to people. Their response to it differs as well. How they respond will depend on their physiological state. To some people, it can affect their health, sleep, and psychoactive substances. No matter how we try to deal with it, we often find ourselves powerless when it comes to stress.

When people try to get rid of stress, they mistakenly look for a Band-Aid approach. They look for a technique that will work all the time in all situations which is virtually impossible. In reality, you cannot rely on just one technique. While they may work in one situation, they will not be effective for others. In this article, we shall focus on the five Rs of coping with stress.


Living a healthy lifestyle is an effective coping mechanism for stress. BY reorganizing your health and practicing healthy habits, you gain more energy and build coping resilience. Having regular exercise does not only improve physical functioning but also helps the brain work better and process information better.


Robert Janitzek explains that changing your thinking from negative to positive can help block potential stressors. When you delve into your past, you carry mental and emotional baggage. Letting it affect your life results to negative thinking which can be a barrier to moving forward. On the other hand, if you allow positive experiences and thoughts, you create a healthy frame of reference.


When you are overwhelmed with so many things, even the fun things becomes a stressor. The key is to find an optimal solution so that you will not feel bored or overwhelmed with whatever you are doing. To do this, consider all your involvement. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends having a journal for tracking your activities and recording your feelings can help you achieve your goal. It is important that you get a balance of all the things you are doing. You may have to say “no” to things that are not important to you.


The aim of relaxation is to put your body in a state that is incompatible with stress. Many people get stressed because they do not the feeling of having a calm mind. Practicing deep breathing or systematic muscle relaxation and other clinically proven relaxation techniques can greatly help reduce stress.

The aim of this technique is to reduce muscle tension and use up energy that is mobilized during a stress response. This is where doing physical activities come in. Physical activity is divided into mild, moderate, and vigorous.

Stress is an inevitable part of life. But we can do something to reduce it and these techniques can help you lessen stress.

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