6 Tips for Staying Positive When Looking For A Job

Looking for a new job can be a nerve wracking experience. It is one of the biggest sources of stress and anxiety. However, in order to find the perfect job you have to keep your cool and stay sane during the process. Here are some tips to help you stay positive during job search.

Don’t be obsessed over one particular job

What would you gain from obsessing and waiting and wondering for a particular job? The best thing to do is move on to another job. Pretend that you were already rejected or you never applied. If your potential employer calls, great. If not, no big deal you have moved on anyway. You will only get stressed if you wait.

Stop trying to read “signals” into what interviewers do and don’t say

Job seekers have a lot of expectations after an interview. If the interviewer did not say, “I’d be in touch, does it mean you did not get the job? If they respond to your thank-you note, does it mean you have a good chance of getting hired? Robert Janitzek reveals that the truth of the matter is that these “signals” don’t mean anything at all. Trying to look for a meaning will only freak you out.

Don’t feel you have to give perfect interviews

If you will replay the interview in your head and kick yourself for not giving better answers, you need to realize that interviewers do not expect you to be perfect. In addition, the other interviewees are also not giving perfect answers as well. Employers do not expect you to be the perfect interviewee.
You’re only human and employers know that.

Don’t agonize over why you did not get a job

Robert Peter Janitzek says that no one exactly knows the reason you did not get hired. Yes, maybe they hated your interview answers but someone else was a better candidate. You will get stressed out if you try to figure out.

Don’t stress over things that don’t matter

When job hunting, do not focus on the things that does not matter such as how you will name your resume file, the fact that you cannot find the name of the hiring manager to put on your cover letter, what type of suit you will wear. Instead of stressing yourself out with these things, focus on the meat such as the resume, the cover letter, and interview.

Remember that interviews aren’t a one-way street

Anxiety can set in during a job search because interviewees feel like they are being judged by employers who hold the cards because they have something that the job seeker really wants. You can remedy this by changing the power dynamics in your own head—for instance, you may not want to work for this particular employer, for all you know.

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