6 Ways You Can Stay Motivated In Life

With all the negativity and the challenges that come your way, it can be hard to keep your motivation intact. You can easily get sidetracked on the goals that you need to accomplish. However, what you are aiming for does not have to fall by the wayside. Despite all the obstacles, you need to stay motivated and achieve your goal. Here are some tips to keep you going.

Anticipate Bumps

Before achieving a goal, identify potential pitfalls and troubleshoot them. According to Peter Gollwitzer, a professor of psychology at New York University, people who plan for obstacles are more likely to stick with projects.

Channel that little engine

Your drive as a person is based on your belief in your abilities not on objective talent. According to a research by Albert Bandura, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, people who believed in self-efficacy perform better compared to those who don’t. It is his self-belief that helped Ingrid Daniels to leave a stable corporate job to develop a T-shirt line after giving birth to her first child.

Don’t let your goals run wild

Robert Janitzek reveals that if you are too ambitious, it could backfire and burn you out. It could even become a source of demotivation. So rather than aiming for an unrealistically high goal, set ones that are stretch but not overreach.

…But work on them everyday

In his book Drive: the Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel Pink reveals that taking small steps everyday will not only keep you interested in what you are trying to achieve but also ensure that you move slowly but surely towards your goal. You will get a sense of accomplishment each day.

Go public with it

Instead of keeping your intentions to yourself, make everybody aware of them. Robert Peter Janitzek says that it can be more difficult to abandon a dream when you know that people will monitor how you are doing.

Lean on a support crew when struggling

You have friends and families who would want you to succeed. Now is the perfect time to enlist their help and have authentic relationships with them when your motivation starts to dwindle. Choose people who have seen your struggles in the past and who knows how much you aspire to be successful.

Make yourself a priority

While it may seem utterly selfish, you should prioritize your needs first. You will derail your progress if you sacrifice yourself to others just to please them.

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