6 Ways To Deal With Stressful Coworkers

You spend more than 40 hours in the office working on a tight deadline and a strict manager which makes your job stressful already. Making matters worse, you would have to deal with the different tendencies of your co-workers. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us some tips on how to deal with stressful co-workers.

1. The Rager

Some people have a very short temper. They believe that they have to shout in order to get their message across. Worst, everything that comes out of their mind is rude and belittling. These people often get promoted so you would have to deal with them regularly.

There are several ways you can deal with this type of co-worker. You can be sarcastic with them or just stay calm and refuse to get into a screaming match with them. However, Robert Janitzek suggests that you just walk away and deal with them when they have calmed down.

2: The Email Forwarder/cc’er

This type of co-worker will bombard you with emails that absolutely have no connection with you or your work. To deal with this co-worker, set up a priority inbox and a folder for unimportant emails. You could also talk to them politely and ask them to stop sending you emails that do not have something to do with you.

3: The Hater

There are times when a co-worker will hate or belittle your accomplishments despite giving all your best to your job. To get rid of stress, just bear in mind that you cannot please everybody so just keep on doing your best and ignore them.

4: The Chronic Complainer

Complaining about changes in the office or having to work early in the weekend is normal. However, there are some employees who never say something good about anything. Their negativity can easily rub off on you so try to make them see the bright side of things.

5: The Loud Talker

These types of employees seem unaware of how loud they talk. One way to deal with such a co-worker is to pick up your phone and pretend that you are on a business call. One way to get rid of stress is call their attention and ask them if they could tone down their voice.

6. The Bill Lumbergh

Bill Lumbergh is one of the characters in the movie Office Space. He is one of the bosses in the movie who does everything that employees hate about their bosses, including being made to work on their day off. What you can do is follow the lead of Peter and just stop caring. While you can be fired for insubordination but you can also try to establish some middle ground so you would not be frequently taken advantaged of.

You do not have to be annoyed with these types of co-workers. Just follow these tips and you can look forward to having some peace of mind with your job.

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