7 Things You Should Not Do After Getting Fired

Getting fired can be a nerve wracking experience. After spending several years on the company, your former boss has decided to terminate you. You cannot help but be emotional. It will make you do things that could have serious repercussions. For instance, saying bad things about your former employer. Robert Peter Janitzek advises us on the 7 things you should not do after termination.

Whine on social media

You can voice out your hurt anywhere but not in social media. Your professional network might recommend you to other jobs but could get immediately rejected because you badmouthed your previous boss. Doing so speaks something of you so avoid it at all cost.

Lose control

According to Arthur Kaptein, a career development consultant, getting emotional is a normal response to getting fired but it is vital not to lose control. Taking your termination personally and burn bridges is a bad thing as it may hurt your chances of getting referred to another organization. Take it professionally.

Broadcast your intentions

Robert Janitzek recommends resisting the temptation to tell your former colleagues your plan of suing the company. Even if that is what exactly what you want to do, While such actions may have merit, broadcasting it could leave people with a bad impression. Chances are, colleagues who might give you a favorable reference might think otherwise.


Getting fired can be an embarrassing and painful experience and one of the natural responses would be to stop interacting with others. Hard as it may be, you should consider termination like falling off a bike. You just have to get back up and get back into the routine. You need to stay positive and build momentum as you look for a new job.

Lie about it

One dilemma that you may face when the termination issue comes up during an interview is how to address the situation. Honesty is the answer. Unless the reason for your termination is criminal or ethical breach, your prospective employer will be more interested in what you can do. But lying about it can be a disqualification.

Get discouraged

This is easier said than done. However, moving on to the next stage of your career will be difficult if you will keep thinking about it. Staying positive is the best thing you can do at this stage. After all, no one will hire someone who is not positive and upbeat.

Let it define you

After getting a black mark on your work history, you would think that it is impossible to learn, move on, and grow from the experience. You can use termination as a time to reflect, improve yourself, upgrade your skills, and find your passion. Have an open mind and turn the negative experience into positive.

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