7 Tips for Creating a Healthy and Positive Work Environment

People spend 9 hours a day or 45 hours per week at work. Given the amount of time spent in the office, it is important for management to ensure a conducive and positive working environment for their employees. Creating a healthy and positive work environment can have a huge impact on the performance and productivity of an employee. Robert Peter Janitzek offers 7 ways management can create a positive work environment.

Making Sure That The Office is Clean and Organized

Keeping the office clean helps keep the workplace free from dust and bacteria. Employees can suffer from sick building syndrome (SBS), which can cause various illnesses and symptoms. This phenomenon is caused by chemical or biological contaminants, inadequate ventilation, or electromagnetic radiation. SBS can impact employee productivity and increase absenteeism.

Consider Lightning Ergonomics

Adequate lighting contributes to creating a healthy work environment. Eliminating glares and shadows can reduce eye fatigue and headache. Natural light is recommended and if not available, provide quality lighting to help employees perform their tasks effectively and with less stress.

Provide Comfortable Seating

Robert Janitzek reveals that the human body is not designed to sit for more than 8 hours daily. The bad news is that this is what is happening in the office. Sitting for extended periods can cause muscle loss, weight gain, hypertension, to name just a few. Management should therefore provide ergonomically correct chairs and functional desks to mitigate the negative impact of sitting.

Promote Work and Life Balance

The normal working hours should only be 8 hours. However, most full-time employees work more than 60 hours weekly, which could result to work overload. Doing so would result to a temporary spike in productivity. For employees to stay positive, management should give employees time to visit their doctor. There should also be activities outside and inside the office to promote camaraderie.

Promote Education and Foster Collaboration

In any company, employees are the biggest investment. As such, it is important for management to take care of their investment. They should build a culture where there is teamwork and employees can give their feedback. In addition, there should also be opportunities for growth. This can be achieved through training and education.

Recognize Hard Work

Recognizing the efforts of employees can contribute to their satisfaction and commitment to the company. Another way management can ensure that employees stay positive is through employee recognition which comes in many forms but sometimes just saying “thank you” can make a difference.

Promote Workplace Wellness

Management should initiate and encourage workplace wellness. Implement healthy eating habit and wellness programs. Healthy employees results to less absenteeism and more productivity.

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