7 Tips to Keep Your Direct Sales Team Motivated

Being a direct seller is no joke. You would be encountering different kinds of customers some of who will say negative things about your product. If you are the team leader, it is your job to keep your agents motivated. But your motivation should only be directed to those who are truly active. Here are some strategies that you can use to ensure that your active sellers stay motivated.

1. Identify What Motivates Your Team

You have to bear in mind that each member of your team will be motivated differently. Some would want to be recognized while others want competition. Others would want a personal connection with their team leader. Knowing what motivates your team can help you devise the right strategy for your team.

2. Create A Team Identity

Having a team identity is a good motivation strategy. When your members can identify with the team, they will be emotionally connected and would want to maintain the team. You can come up with a team name or design a logo. Robert Janitzek recommends creating a Facebook group and encouraging everyone to post quotes or pictures.

3. Offer Incentives and Challenges

Putting up a challenge is a good way to stir up engagement. The feeling of winning in team competitions will keep your team motivated even if there is no prize to be won. However, it will also be great if there will really be a prize. It does not have to be expensive.

4. Hold Team Meetings and Training Sessions

As a team leader, you are also looked up to by your members as their mentor. As such, it is your job to train them. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that regular meetings and training sessions can also help them stay connected with the educational aspects of your business.

5. Encourage Shameless Self-Promotion

Encouraging your team members to share their success on your Facebook group can help motivate the other members. They would be inspired to do their best so that they can share their success as well. This way, you are also encouraging them to be leaders like you.

6. Recognize And Celebrate

No success is too large or too small. Either way, it is a cause for celebration. You can post their picture on your Facebook group or team bulletin board. To help them stay motivated, you can also congratulate and recognize them in public. This way, they will see you as a leader who loves success.

7. Instill A No Negativity Culture

As the team leader, it should start from you. When you allow negativity, drama, or frustrations, it will rub off to your team. Challenges and frustrations will always be there, but as their leader, you should make sure that they stay positive.

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