7 Ways to Deal With a Toxic Co-Worker

There are many factors that can cause stress in the workplace. Aside from the job itself, another possible reason will be your co-worker. There are instances when we bring our personal issues to the office which could affect their work or that of their co-worker. There are also cases when this co-worker of yours shows their job dissatisfaction in a negative way that you become affected emotionally to the point that your work is disrupted. So how do you get rid of stress from such kind of co-worker? Here are some tips on dealing with a toxic co-worker.

Set Time Limits

Maybe your co-worker just needs someone to hear them out. However, it is not your responsibility to hear them out. You can either offer to listen to them for five minutes or you can tell them that you are loaded with work or trying to meet a deadline.

Don’t Engage

When you decided to hear them out and offer an advice, just make sure that you do not advice on a personal matter or make a comparison with a personal experience. Robert Janitzek says that doing so will only lengthen the discussion. Just say “I’m sorry to hear that.” If the colleague is talking about his satisfaction with his job, do not agree as it would likely egg him or her on.

Maintain Professionalism

If there is a need for regular interaction since you work closely together, stay on the work-related topic only. Set an end time for the discussion or you could end up having a gripe session. Stick to the topic at all cost.

Dive Into Work

There are co-workers who come to the office and talk endlessly. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that this can be a source of distraction on your part. In a polite manner, tell your colleague that you are meeting a deadline and that you must get back to the grind.

Throw It Back

When you are dealing with a perpetual pessimist, give them some reasons for liking the job or being happy with the company. From there, they will know that you are not on their side and is likely not the person to complain to.

Create Deterrents

If you have a door, close it and place a “Do Not Disturb” sign. However, it could be tougher to get rid of stress if you are in an open office or have a cubicle. You can try listening to music or wear a headphone. While some co-workers may still bog you at times, it will still be an effective deterrent.

Confront The Problem Head On

If you are comfortable doing so, you can tell the person right away that you cannot listen to their issues or that you cannot engage with them. Tell them that doing so will translate to longer hours or missed deadlines. Of course, it will be different if the person is close to you.

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