8 Deadly Myths About Stress

Stress is an inevitable fact of life. Whether in the office or at home, there are many stressors that exist. There are many myths about stress that can keep us from being happy and living a longer and healthier life. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us 8 of these myths.

1. Stress is a result of your circumstances. This is not entirely true. Stress stems from what you think about your circumstances and not the situation itself. This explains why people react differently to the same situation.

2. Stress is a motivator. There is a huge difference between stress and stimulation. Having deadlines, setting goals, and pushing yourself to do your best is an example of stimulation. On the other hand, anxiety, frustration, and being upset is stressful which can have an impact on your performance. According to Robert Janitzek, people who feel stressed can still be successful in spite of their stress and not because of it.

3. A little stress is good for you. Dr. Hans Selye discovered that activities like sports and sex can result to a surge in stress hormones. For this, he promoted good stress. However, this was debunked by new findings which prove that stress contributes to 75% to 90% of medical conditions.

4. Without stress, you would just sit around and drool. When you are used to experiencing stress, it is understandable if you forget the real meaning of life and what is life without stress.

5. The best way to deal with stress is exercise, breather, and relax. Keep in mind that stress results from your thoughts about life. In order to get rid of stress, most stress management tools are geared towards stress relief and not the cause. The best way to relieve stress is to have a different perspective about challenging situations.

6. Stress is a choice. Stress is the result of subconscious beliefs that you have about the world. You do not choose not to believe something but rather because you it is true. You should challenge these beliefs and see them in a different light.

7. Stress is inevitable. Some people experience stress in situations like fear of heights, driving fast, or flying to make them say that stress is inevitable. This is actually not true. To get rid of stress, you just need to have a different approach.

8. Stress is not a big deal. Stress is not just about deadlines in the office, problems with your relationships at home and at work, and all other negative emotions can result to stress. For majority of people, this is a big deal.

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