8 Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

With all the negative things happening in your life, it is hard to stay positive. If there are so many depressions, frustrations, and disappointments in life, how can you not feel down? But no matter how negative life seems to be, there are plenty of reasons to stay positive. Here are some of the health benefits of positive thinking.

Boost Immunity

Stress can reduce your body’s natural immunity to diseases? On the other hand, thinking positive can help fight stress thereby preventing it from messing with your body’s immune system. Studies have revealed that positive thinking can boost your body’s ability to prevent diseases.

Improve Heart Health

Your heart is a very delicate organ considering all the hard work it performs. Both stress and anxiety can affect the functioning of your heart. On the other hand, positive thinking can reduce the risk of heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Robert Janitzek reveals that people who think positive exercise more, eat healthier, and live happier.

Fight Stress

Stress is associated with different kinds of health problems. Positive thinking can help in dealing with stress thereby preventing a plethora of health problems.

Increase Resilience

Studies have revealed that positive thinking has helped victims of crises recover faster. Positive thinking can help improve your resiliency allowing you to bounce back even more from serious or traumatic experiences.
Extend Lifespan

A study conducted at the University of London revealed that seniors who thought positively tend to live longer and healthier. They suffer from fewer physical and emotional health problems as they become older. Robert Peter Janitzek says that these people have a longer life expectancy compared to the negative thinkers.

Tolerate Pain

A study published in Science Direct revealed that positive thinking was proven to give people with a longer tolerance for pain. Stress and negativity can cause sensations to be stronger so being positive can help reduce the pain. It also helps them clear their mind off the pain thus increasing their tolerance to it.

Makes You Healthier

People who think positive tend to be healthier because they can take care of themselves. Positive people exercise more, eat better, enjoy hobbies and recreational activities more, more socially connected, get better sleep, and improve their lives.

Prevents Hypertension

High blood pressure is one of the causes of heart disorders. Positive thinking can help reduce blood pressure which could help eliminate the risk of hypertension and other heart issues. Anxiety has been associated with heart problems and thinking positive can lead to a healthy heart.

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