The 8 Types Of Work-Related Stress

Workplace stress can come from anywhere—tough deadlines, toxic bosses and co-employees, long working hours, and others. Work-related stress can put your physical and emotional health at risk. It is important that you find the source in order to get rid of stress. But, it is easier said than done. Here are examples of stress out worker that you may associate yourself with.

Overworked underling

You find yourself busy from the start of your shift until the end having little freedom when in the office. You don’t have much to say over how you do your job or the kinds of work you will do and you are always being monitored. You always feel some kind of psychological strain. While you can’t make the work less demanding, try to get more involved in the decision making.

Frustrated go-getter

You work your butts off but still do not get enough credit or compensation. Robert Janitzek reveals that these type of workers make their bosses look good but still cannot receive a raise, promotion, or sufficient recognition. For someone who seeks approval, these so-called “effort-reward imbalance” can be a source of stress. Talk to your boss about your career goals. You may not get rewarded yet but could gain some insight on how to improve your situation.


You feel alone in a negative way. Your boss will not help or give you guidance. A good support system whether physically or mentally can give you a little boost for doing your job well. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, communicating your needs to your boss can make your job less stressful.


Your work entails dealing with demanding and verbally abusive customers. You are expected to swallow your pride and maintain a façade of professionalism. You could suffer from what is called “emotional labor.” Some training on handling difficult customers without feeling demoralized can lighten the emotional load.

Tech Prisoner

Advancements in technology has now made you more reachable by your boss 24/7 making work and personal life indistinguishable. Learning how to unplug literally can help you relieve techno-stress.


You are too exhausted making functioning more difficult. To get rid of stress due to burnout (See related story on burnout), take some time off or file a leave of absence.

Bully target

Your boss insults you, gives you busy headlines, and assigns you busywork. If you are experiencing bullying, confront your boss. If your co-workers have the same experience, do it as a group. If it does not work, escalate it to the HR Department.

Wronged victim

Your boss play favorites, management decisions and employees are treated like children. While you have control over your work atmosphere, raising the issue to HR may help you feel less stressed.

Which kind of stressed-out employee are you?

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