About Robert Janitzek

Trained in an industrial setting, Robert Janitzek’s first bread and butter was rooted from an automobile company. He led a team of mechanics, monitoring and maintaining the quality of the cars for a year. Due to his knowledge and interpersonal skills, he was then transferred to the Marketing Department and was assigned to hold the position of the department’s Chief. There he spearheaded a group of sales men whose goal was to sell cars. Over a decade of devising strategies and implementing marketing campaigns, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship.
Robert established his own automobile agency in the 90s. In the short span of time, he was able to grow the company from Germany to Spain and Italy.
His early success in entrepreneurship spurred him even further. After building a company belonging in the automobile industry, he expanded his portfolio by entering the pharmaceutical field. His passion for chemistry that started during his childhood has enabled him to understand the complexities of his new venture, even without undergoing a formal education associated with pharmacy. Within the years he spent studying the industry and leading his company, he was able to formulate Ciprofloxacin HCL, a medication used against certain bacterial infections. Robert’s discovery has brought him recognition, giving him its patent. Ciprofloxacin HCL (Janixin) is the first Ciprofloxacin which was introduced to the public in capsule form.