How To Beat Driving Related Stress

Driving your own vehicle can be a stressful experience. At some point in time, you will be exposed to different kinds of stresses on the road ranging from traffic jams, road rage, or driver behavior. Stress on the road can result to accidents or injuries. In order to get rid of stress, here are some tips on how to beat driving-related stress.

Leave earlier

There are plenty of reasons you should consider leaving early. First, you will reach your destination on time. This will reduce your anxiety level. It is better to arrive early in the office. You can relax before your shift or have enough time to prepare for a meeting.

Listen to the appropriate music

A research conducted by Avis Car Rental published by Motoring Research revealed that 52% of drivers get stressed at least once a week while driving. The research, done with partnership with music psychologist Dr, Daniel Mullensiefen from the University of London, revealed that listening to music can help reduce stress levels.

Avoid Driving In The Rush Hour

Robert Peter Janitzek recommends avoiding rush hour traffic to reduce stress levels. It is best to drive during off-peak hours. If your job permits it, consider working flexitime so you can work early and leave early in the evening,

Plan the route

Nowadays, most drivers rely on car satellite navigation systems to guide their way to their destinations. While this can help reduce stress, you can also plan your route ahead of time. You should also know where the best location to park is. Finding a parking space can also be stressful.

Take a break

If you are going on a long trip, Robert Janitzek recommends taking at least a 15-minute break can help refocus your concentration. Make sure that you spend the break away from the steering wheel to clear your mind and prepare yourself for the next leg of the journey. You can take a quick walk or grab a bite. At the same time, the break will give you time to rest your back.

Avoid confrontation

Road rage often leads to confrontations and as much as possible, you should avoid enraging a fellow motorist. Simply apologize and move on to your destination.

In-car entertainment

Long ago, boredom on a long trip was broken by playing a game of I-Spy. However, things have changed. Now, cars can be equipped with the latest in car entertainment technology. Now, there are tablets in the rear headrest, MP3 connectivity, DVD screens, and others. Now, you can truly enjoy a stress-free ride.

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