How To Beat Workplace Stress

There are many stressors that exist in the workplace – quotas to meet, deadlines to beat, annoying co-workers, a boss who always checks up on you, and others. If you could only find a way to free yourself from all these stresses? Here are some ways you can get rid of stress in the workplace.

Get a massage

Nothing can beat anxiety and depression than a refreshing massage by affecting body biochemistry. A massage therapy can help reduce your cortisol level and increase your serotonin level.


Exercise releases a surge of neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Just make sure that you choose exercises that you actually love doing because if you select something you absolutely hate it will not help in boosting your mood.

Soak up the sun

Studies revealed that people had high levels of serotonin on sunny days than on cloudy days so get as much sun as possible. Robert Janitzek reveals that soaking up some sun can dramatically alleviate your winter blues.


Having regular meditation will not only help reduce your blood pressure but also increase serotonin levels. Spending at least 30 minutes by yourself is all you need daily to do away with depression and anxiety. Serotonin is considered as a brain chemical but most of it is produced in our digestive tract. This neurotransmitter has a powerful influence on mood, emotions, memory, pain, sleep, appetite, digestion, and body temperature.

Serotonin is considered as the “happy hormone” because its production increases with exposure to natural sunlight. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, production of serotonin is closely associated with the availability of vitamin B6 and the amino acid tryptophan. Without sufficient vitamins in your diet, you could be at risk of serotonin deficiency. Our serotonin level can also decrease due to physiological causes, digestive disorders and stress. The stress hormone cortisol is responsible for robbing us of serotonin. Our current lifestyle against all the elements needed to maintain natural production of serotonin combined with chronic stress contributes to the depletion of our body’s serotonin level.

Workplace stress is a fact of life that every employee should accept and embrace. With these three tips on how to get rid of stress, you can at least alleviate whatever frustrations and disappointments at your work you are carrying. Learn how to deal with stress and you can look forward to becoming successful with your work and whatever goal you want to achieve.

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