How To Deal With Toxic Co-Workers

The office is a melting pot of people with different personalities. While most of them can be easy to get along with, others can turn out to be annoying. The latter is what you call as toxic co-workers. You may not know it but these co-worker of yours may be a source of workplace stress. They only care about themselves in order to get what they want. In order to get rid of stress related to these co-workers, you first need to identify them.

The Politician

The politician is all about getting promoted. To this employee, promotions become a game they need to win. They involve themselves in office politics popping in the boss’s office every 5 minutes. They spend little or no more time fulfilling their current responsibilities. Their aim is to win the next job, next promotion, and next project.

If you are gunning for the promotion as well, first evaluate your boss. If they have a huge ego, then the politician will be tough to beat because they can stroke up egos in order to get what they want. Robert Janitzek reveals that if they are the opposite, they will soon get tired of the grandstanding.

The Rooster

The rooster is an egomaniac and this can affect their ability to make decisions. If they make a poor decision, it can hugely hurt their ego. At some point, they may need to admit they are wrong. They rarely make a decision so someone else will make it for them.

If you work with a rooster, you have two options. You can force them to make a decision or tear down the fence and watch them run endlessly. Whatever you decide to do, you need to be patient.

The Funeral Director

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that these employees live on negative energy and are motivated by crisis. Their daily life is full of drama. While they have enough time to complete their assigned tasks, they procrastinate ot delay progress until there is a crisis and something needs to be done. They will never stop until a task is accomplished.

When your co-worker is a Funeral Director, pad your schedule. Ensure that your deadline is assigned earlier than the actual deadline. This will ensure that your crisis does not become yours.

The Tattletale

Tattletales are responsible for keeping the rumor mill going. They deal mostly in spreading negative rumors and gossip. They thrive on spreading bad news as long as it is about other employees and not them.

If you have a tattletale co-worker, just keep your mouth shut and do not disclose anything you want everyone to know about.

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