Dealing With Examination Stress And Get Good Grades

Some students freak out when they hear the word exam. They stress out when it comes to taking examinations. Fortunately, we have some pointers on how to get rid of stress and achieve good grades on your upcoming examinations.

Take care of your health

Cramming for your exam can be a health risk. Putting too much information on your brain while keeping up with your life can seriously damage your health. Make sure to get enough sleep and eat healthy food. By getting sufficient rest, your brain can easily assimilate new knowledge,

Set A Program.

Studying at every available opportunity can result to information overload. Study 20 minutes at a time followed by a reflection period and a 10-minute break is best for optimum learning.

Inject fun to your learning.

If you have a study partner, you can go and test each other on what you have learned so far when away from your books.

Have a rest period.

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that if your mind is starting to wander away from what you are studying, time to rest. There is no point to continue as your brain would no longer absorb information.

Practice Relaxation Exercises.

Lie on your bed or sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and relax every muscle in your body. Imagine yourself walking down the steps from a balcony into a lovely garden. Involve all your senses. Let yourself stay in this state for a few minutes before opening your eyes and take a deep breath then resume studying or reviewing.

Do One Thing At A Time.

Robert Janitzek recommends planning in advance which subject you will study first and stick to that plan.

Give Your Mind Space

Meditating is one of the most effective ways to take a break and seeing your stress from a different perspective. It also helps you focus and improve mental and physical health to reduce pre-examination stress.

Let it All Out

Figure out what you are feeling and let it all out. If you need to shout it out from the rooftop or scream from the top of your lungs, you can do so. You can also speak to a family member or friend or to another person to give a bigger picture.

Break Free from Distractions

There are many distractions that can block your concentration on the task at hand. Checking social media while studying can cause a significant waste of time. You cannot detach yourself from these distractions but knowing your priority and sticking your goal can help you beat exam-stress.

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