Effective Ways To Stay Positive Even When Everything Around Is Negative

With all the negative things happening around us, staying positive can be a daunting task. We have the tendency to entertain negative thoughts which can only affect our moods, actions, and even health. Experts believe that there are a lot of benefits in staying positive. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends the following ways in order to stay optimistic:

Practice Optimism

Being optimistic does not mean you will ignore the negative things in life. It only means focusing on the positive whenever possible. Here are some ways you can stay optimistic:

• Write about a positive future. Envision your goals and dreams coming true. This will help you absorb ideas more than just thinking. To stay positive, set aside time daily for this exercise.
• Search for a silver lining. Finding something positive in a negative situation can be a real challenge but it can be a sign of how strong you are. Evaluate yourself and see how you have grown from your negative experience or whether you have acquired new skills. Be proud of how you handled the situation.

Show Gratitude

Robert Janitzek teaches that appreciating all the positive things that happened in your life can make a huge difference in boosting your mood. You can show gratitude in a lot of ways:

• According to researcher Martin Seligman, PhD, writing a gratitude letter to stay positive can have an impact within a month. Make sure to personally deliver it the letter to the person.
• Maintaining a gratitude journal can also bolster relationships. Large or small, write down anything that made you smile and felt touched.
• Share the moment with a friend. Letting a friend know how thankful you are can also be instrumental in positive development.

Avoid Negative Thinking

Being optimistic means you will decrease the negative things in your life. As much as possible, resist worrisome thoughts and transform the critic in you into a cheering squad. Focusing on the negative can make you less effective in handling tasks. Staying positive means removing worries and thinking of a concrete solution to the problem.

In addition, when you are feeling negative, try to distract yourself by watching a movie, listening to music, or doing something fun. Aside from that, you need to remove any negative messages in your head. By shifting your thoughts, you can literally change your mindset.

Optimism starts from within. If you think positive, everything will follow. Follow these tips and happiness and satisfaction will follow.

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