A Guide On How Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Work-Related Stress

Managing a business can be truly stressful. Aside from ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations, entrepreneurs will also deal with customers and clients alike. Add to this are the taxes, regulations, fees, and others they have to worry about. According to the 2017 Bank of America Advantage Small Business Owner Report, 41 percent of respondents considered their business as the leading source of personal stress. When the stress of managing a business becomes overwhelming, it is time to step back and recharge. Here are some steps entrepreneurs can get rid of stress.

Get Virtual Help

Thanks to technology, you can get some of the load off your shoulders and outsource some of the mundane tasks. Today’s smartphones comes with virtual assistants like Drift, Clara, or x.ai which can handle follow-ups and appointment setting.


Exercise does not always mean going to the gym and pau for expensive memberships. Just moving your body or taking a stroll, can help reduce tension and release endorphins. Choose physical activities you enjoy doing. Aside from the health benefits, burning the extra calories can help you deal better with anger and stress.

Have Some Family Time

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the best form of stress relief is to spend time with reason you are running a business for—your family. They are your inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur. Have a dinner with your family to reconnect. Having a meal together with them is the perfect time to improve relationships. Another way to bond with your family is to play games with them. A physical game can improve your health and a board game can challenge your mind.

Give Back

Giving back can give your personal and work life some purpose. Community involvement can give you an intrinsic boost that can keep you going when you get stressed out. Robert Janitzek reveals that when your life has a purpose, you can sleep better.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

Taking the time to get to get to know other entrepreneurs can help you take a break from your own business and re-focus. Look for colleagues outside your business that can relate to your experience. You can have the opportunity to discover solutions but also discuss things with colleagues or team members. A recent survey entitled the Future of Business Survey revealed that entrepreneurs relied on other entrepreneurs for learning how to run a business.

Managing a business involves a lot of stress inside and outside of the venture. Consider these tips and look forward to a stress-free running of your business.

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