Helping Your Sales Team Manage And Overcome Stress

Sales people have a crucial role in finding and retaining customers for most businesses. Such responsibility can be stressful and a source of anxiety for the sales team. This huge role entails meeting quotas and performing well. For this reason, the manager plays a crucial role in keeping his team motivated and energized. Robert Janitzek provides the following problems and solutions to help a sales team handle the stress associated with their work.

Company Sets Unrealistic Expectations. It can be extremely stressful for sales people to try and meet overly optimistic revenue goals. For example, 50 phone calls a day which is virtually impossible. Setting expectations too high can put too much pressure on the agent which could lead to stress.

To resolve this situation, management should take an honest look at their data. If you are a business owner, you should first try to have a firsthand experience of how to generate sales before setting unrealistic goals. This is one way of helping your agents get rid of stress.

Handling too many tasks simultaneously. In larger companies, it is common to see one employee handling the entire pipeline which makes it difficult to focus on one aspect.

As the manager, you should reduce stress in your sales team by letting them focus on existing customers. Delegate other tasks to another individual or hire a virtual assistant. The job of the sales team is to keep customers happy but if you will let them multitask, they may just be too tired to do their main jobs.

There is a gap in the skill set. With the dawn of digital technology, there is a growing need for sales people to enhance their skill sets to remain competitive.

To get rid of stress among your sales team, it is important to keep them on the cutting edge of the industry. This means providing ongoing training for them. It is important that you invest in training so as not to keep your sales agents stagnant.

Lack of preparation. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that it is hard to make a call without stress if you do not know the other person on the other line. It is important to have knowledge of your potential buyer before starting a conversation.

Before making a call, encourage your sales team to study their leads first in order to build a stronger connection and boost their chances of selling.

When your people is feeling stressed out, it will be hard for them to meet the goals you have set for them. These stress management tips will help ensure that your sales people are free from stress and highly motivated.

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