How Being Passionate Can Motivate You To Excel In Your Career

Being passionate with your work can help you go a long way in your chosen career. Passion as well as your ability to build emotional relationships with colleagues, customers, and partners is the key to staying motivated and last in the job you chose. In this article, we shall take a look at how being passionate and motivated can help you in your career.

The Importance of Passion

Regardless of what your current job may be, being passionate with it can be a key ingredient to becoming successful. You may not like your current job but your attitude towards it can be instrumental in your future with the company and in your job. Passion fuels your enthusiasm, zeal, drive, and motivation towards your work. It gives you the energy to go about with your work.

Robert Peter Janitzek explains that people will see how passionate you are when it comes to doing your job. This will go unnoticed by your superiors and management. They will see your drive and motivation and you could eventually be rewarded. Who knows? You might be considered for another position.

Passionate employees are well-liked by employers. Your passion for work increases your market value. Your energy and ability to create professional relationships will help you over the course of your career. Your biggest challenge will be how to make yourself unique from everyone else. You do not want to be a duplicate of others.

“Shining eyes” effect

Robert Janitzek reveals that being passionate and energetic generates what is called as the “shining eyes” effect. This means that one has a radiant sparkle in their eyes. People enjoy working with people whose eyes are vibrant, smiling, convincing, and compelling. If you want this effect, then find your passion.

What Motivates You?

Finding your motivation is important because it will be your driving force. It will fuel your hunger and push you to achieve your goal. There are two types of motivation namely internal and external. Internal motivation comes from within while external motivation is sourced from outside the individual.

Factors That Affect Motivation

There are three factors that can affect your motivation: faith, commitment, and focus. Faith is all about believing in yourself so that other people will believe in you as well. Commitment is your desire to acquire something that you want. Finally, your focus is your ability to fend off diversions and distractions.

Becoming successful with your career depends on how passionate and motivated you are.

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