How Does Motivation Affect Employees Performance & Productivity

There are many factors that can demotivate an employee- working conditions, co-employees, superiors– all this can affect the performance & productivity of your employees. It is, therefore, crucial for employers to keep their employees motivated. Motivation in employees can bring long term benefits such as high productivity and performance. Robert Peter Janitzek provides us an overview on how motivation can affect can affect an employee’s productivity.

The Role of Management

It is the job of management to create enthusiasm among employees to do the best they can with their tasks. The following factors should be addressed by management in order to keep their employees motivated:

Employee Satisfaction. When their desires and needs at work are met, this could boost the motivation of employees. It can make them confident with their respective roles.

Employee Performance. When the employee is satisfied and motivated, their performance becomes fruitful not only for them but also for their co-employees.

Productivity. When management is doing everything to make employees stay motivated, this results to improved productivity.

Working Environment. Management should ensure that there are no stresses and that if there is any competition, it should be healthy and not detrimental to the organization. Likewise, it should not affect the survival, operations, and development of the organization. Likewise, the environment should be safe and non-threatening.

Motivation & Productivity

Keeping employees motivated can be easier said than done for most employers. Each individual in the workplace are unique and there are different things that can motivate them.

Motivated Employees Are More Productive

    • . A satisfied and happy employee will make them work in an impressive way. When they are motivated this will rub off to other employees in the office.


Create Realistic Expectations

    • . According to

Robert Janitzek

    • , employees will remain motivated if they are involved in the decision making process. Management must make sure that they create a realistic expectation in the process.


Job Description/Work Schedule

    • . The employee must do a job that is fit for his personality and skill set. This will boost their motivation and satisfaction. Employees should be allowed some flexibility such as flexible time, work from home, childcare, and others.


Pay and Benefits

    • . Another good way to motivate employees is by giving them good pay and benefits. On the part of management, the difficulty lies on drawing a line between generous benefits and salary increases in order to retain or attract the best employees.


Company Culture

    • . Employees will

stay motivated

    if there is a positive and employee-friendly culture in the company.

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