How Stress Affects Your Work Performance

Workplace stress is a normal occurrence but excessive stress is not. It can affect your productivity and performance and impact your physical and emotional health. Too much stress can also affect your relationships and home life. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us a glimpse of how workplace stress can have an impact on work performance.

When is workplace stress too much?

Workplace stress is really not that bad. A little stress can help you maintain focus, stay energetic, and meet new challenges. Stress is what keeps you alert or active during a presentation to prevent accidents or costly mistakes. However, the workplace is also full of emotional challenges such as long hours, tight deadlines, and never ending demands. As a result, you become worried, drained, and overwhelmed. When this happens, it affects your ability to cope and may cause damage to your mind and body.

When it already starts to affect your job performance, health, or personal life, it is time to get rid of stress. There are many steps you can take to reduce your stress level and regain a sense of control in your workplace. Stress in the workplace comes from different sources from a demanding boss, annoying co-worker to never-ending workload. So how does stress affect your performance?

Time Management. On the good side, stress can give you that adrenalin rush helping you accomplish more tasks in response to impending deadlines. However, the bad side is that it can make you feel frustrated that there is not enough time to finish the work. Robert Janitzek reveals that when stress forces you to work overtime or taking home your work, your inability to manage time may affect your commitment and loyalty to the company.

Relationships. Too much stress can also contribute to job burn-out and may affect your relationship with your peers and supervisors. When you are stressed, you start to become jealous of your co-workers who seem to have everything under control. Likewise, workplace stress can result to decreased self-esteem.

Focus. On stressful conditions in the workplace, you lose your focus. You are not able to remember things you already know as well as process information you are learning. Stress can cause mental exhaustion which can make you easily distracted making you prone to commit costly mistakes.

Health. Workplace stress can also cause various health conditions such as headache, sleep disorders, vision problems, weight loss/gain and others. When you feel sick, you will file a sick leave which means more work upon your return. Worrying about how you will catch up will create even more stress.

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