How To Cure Boredom And Stay Motivated At Work

When boredom starts to set in, you can start to become demotivated. When you see your work as boring already, things become less interesting and time seems to stand still. Here are ways you can stay motivated and keep your job interesting.

Start With A Better Commute

Sometimes, boredom starts to set in even before we hit the office. When we’re stuck in traffic or live far away, the commute to work can already make us less motivated. The travel from home to your office can be time consuming already. To remedy this, try listening to music or if all else fails, convince your boss to allow you to work from home sometimes.

You Feel Exhausted and With Less Energy To Work

Another possible culprit for your boredom at work is that you just feel exhausted and do not have the energy to work. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends eating and sleeping right. Having regular exercise can help pump up some juice into your blood. If possible, you can take a power nap to energize you.

Make Your Meetings Worthwhile

Meetings are one of the most boring parts of your job. They can be a waste of time which you could spend on real work. But there are some ways to make your meetings worthwhile. For example, you can do the meeting outside say in a restaurant or a walking meeting perhaps.

Become An Overachiever

If you find your work dull and easy, it will not hurt to take some extra initiative on a new project. Robert Janitzek explains that it will not only keep you engage but also get the attention of your manager and give you some additional points. You can also do a self-evaluation and identify your own pain points as well.

Get Some New Responsibilities

If becoming an overachiever is still not enough to keep you motivated, try talking to your boss and work out a change in job description so you can work on tasks that are more interesting to you. You can try a “20% time” to work on projects that are beneficial to your company. You can even swap tasks with your co-workers to keep things interesting.

Learn A New Skill

In order to fight boredom and stay motivated, take the time to learn a new skill that’s interesting to you. You can learn a new language, new software, or work on a personal project during your breaks. Just make sure you know the policy for doing personal projects during shift.

Try out these things if you are starting to become bored with what you are doing in your office.

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