How To Keep Your Employees/Team Motivated

Keeping your employees or team members motivated is important. It is the driving force that will make your people work harder making them more productive. It can also contribute to increased overall satisfaction which means higher employee retention. However, since every individual is unique, you need to find different strategies to target each individual. Here are six ways you can keep make your employees stay motivated.

Pay Attention To Each Individual

Individual motivation is as important as teamwork in the success of a company. Employees can feel isolated or unrecognized in a vast sea of workers. Having a one-one-one talk with an employee can make them feel truly appreciated. You can offer direct praise when they exceed performance goals or did some exemplary work.

Entice Them With Advancement Opportunities

People become demotivated when their jobs become repetitive or stagnant. Staying in the same position for too long with no or hope for a change can stifle the motivation of even the most ambitious employee. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends offering room for advancement or improvement. It does not have to be promotions, salary increase, or new job title all the time. You can also motivate them by offering trainings or education.

Set An Example To Your Team

As the team leader, you have to set an example for your people. You need to set the tone, have a good work ethic, and set the right example. For example, if you stay optimistic in the face of adversities, your team members will most likely do the same. When leaders set an example for their team, it can have a positive impact in the whole team or organization.

Create A Good Working Environment

Robert Janitzek reveals that the work environment you shape in your organization can have an effect on team mentality. There is no right or wrong workplace culture but it will always be nice to create opportunities to “get away” from the traditional work environment from time to time. There are some companies that break down cubicle walls in order to make an open, team-based workplace. Another way you can change your workplace environment is to implement a decked-out break room.

Build Bonds With Your Workforce

While making everyone best friend in the office can be a bad idea, they can still have meaningful conversations outside of a typical work environment. Being friendly with your team members will not only build bonds but also develop a collective sense of teamwork.

Be Transparent

Perhaps one of the most important ways to inspire your team members is to be transparent with them. Speaking openly about your business with your employees will make them feel comfortable and stay motivated. Transparency builds trust and when you do that, your members will respect you as an authority and appreciate you as a leader.

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