How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Look For A Job

Being out of job can be a source of frustration. You have searched on every job hunting sites there is but to no avail. You also checked your email inbox hoping that there is a response from your previous applications. All this searching and hoping can drain whatever motivation you have left. Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated and continue job hunting.

1. Make Your To-Do List Specific

When your motivation is low, job-searching related tasks like “networking” and “redo resume” can become overwhelming. In order to make your job hunting more manageable, make your t0-do list specific. For instance, you can reach out to two direct contacts one day and two referrals the next. Be realistic when it comes to the job applications—like giving yourself a quota of 2 to 3 jobs.

2. Look Up Your Career Role Models

For once, veer away from the job boards, hop over to LinkedIn and search people who work at companies you are interested in. Robert Janitzek reveals that by checking out how they were able to reach where they are now, you will be able to realize that there is really no straight path to success. Reach out to these people and ask for some advice for your own job hunting.

3. Seek For Constructive Criticism From Your Supporters

Your support team could also be your most helpful critics. Whether it’s your former co-worker, professor, or friend who believed in you and in your full potential and ability to improve, you will be needing their help. So if you are doing anything and still getting nowhere, you can ask your support crew for some constructive criticism.

4. Write Down Your Career Goals on Paper

Robert Peter Janitzek recommends jotting down all your dreams, whether big or small. Putting them in black and white will help you reflect on what you want to achieve and get motivated to achieve at least one if not all of them. Seeing all of them on paper will add some excitement.

5. Take Some Days Off

Take some time away from resumes, cover letters, and interview questions. Taking a few days off from job searching may help restore your drive and refocus on the job ahead—that is to search for a job. Who knows? When you come back from your long break, you have rediscovered your drive and ready to tackle and succeed in your goal.

Job hunting is a period that everyone goes through. Knowing that you are not alone in your predicament can already fire up your motivation.

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