How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

Doing the same task in your workplace over and over again can result to job burnout. When boredom sets in, it may be hard to motivate yourself to do the job again. Experts define burnout as the mental and physical exhaustion you experience when the demands of your work exceed the amount of energy available. They call burnout the epidemic of the workplace. The good news is that there are some steps you can undertake to overcome burnout and stay motivated.

Take occasional breaks

Sometimes, we experience burnout because we are not able to achieve peak workplace performance. To be able to deliver optimum performance, you should grab every opportunity to recharge. Find time to take a walk or run during your workday. Have lunch away from your station. Make sure to take your breaks at the right time. When your energy is at its highest, focus on your work to maximize productivity.

Put away your digital devices

In this age of smartphones, it is like carrying an office in your pocket. So even after office hours, you are still psychologically and physiologically connected to your workplace. So as much as possible, Robert Janitzek recommends that you limit your use of digital devices after your shift. Place your phone or tablets in a basket or drawer after arriving home so you will not be tempted to check your emails. Office work is best left at the office.

Do something interesting

Instead of limiting work after office hours, find something interesting to do. Play tennis with officemates or friends, cook a meal, or something pleasurable and not checking email. Set your mind on an approach goal. Studies also reveal that doing something challenging like playing chess also helps give you more energy.

Take long weekends

Robert Peter Janitzek says that feeling exhausted physically or mentally also means that you need to take some time off. It need not be a two-vacation but a few days will do so you can reduce your stress. But when on vacation, make sure that you will not call your office or check your email.

Focus on meaning

If you are experiencing job burnout, one way to overcome it is to focus on the reasons the job is important to you. Maybe doing the job is your step to getting promoted. Doing so will help you get the motivation to continue working.

Make sure it’s really burnout

If none of these strategies work, it is likely that it is more than burnout. If you feel exhausted but still effective, it rules out burnout. However, if you feel that your work does not matter anymore, then it could be something serious. This could also mean that it is time to switch careers.

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