How To Overcome Negative Thoughts In 10 Ways

With all the negative things happening around us, it is so easy to feel discouraged and hopeless. However, we should not be affected by negative thoughts since it could make your day totally bad. Negative thoughts can bring in negative emotions so as much as possible we should entertain positive thoughts. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us tips on how we can overcome negativism.


One of the best forms of meditation is yoga. It can help relax and ease your mind. By meditating, you will be able to focus your mind away from the past and concentrate on the now, which is the most important moment.


No matter what situation you are in, force yourself to smile. It can go a long way in changing your mood and relieving your stress. Likewise, it can make you feel light. As the old saying goes, ‘It takes fewer muscles to smile than frown.’

Surround Yourself With Positive People

To stay positive, make sure that you surround yourself with positive people. When you are feeling down or depressed, you can talk to them for some enlightenment.

Erase Negative Thoughts And Replace Them With Positive

Instead of thinking that you will have a hard time adjusting to a difficult situation, change your tone to one of hope and anticipation.

Don’t play the victim. Be Responsible With Your Life

Even if you find yourself in a deep hole, there is always a way out. It is up to you to look for that way out.

Help Someone

Instead of focusing on the ‘you,’ try doing something good to another person. Robert Janitzek recommends donating to charity. It will make you feel good helping another person.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Some of us have the tendency to dwell on our mistakes. However, this will not help you overcome negative thoughts. Just let it go and move on. Bur more importantly, learn from your mistakes.

Be Grateful

Some people are not as lucky as you. So be thankful for everything that you already have. A high paying job, supportive family, good health. Appreciate all of these and you will feel good.

Read Positive Quotes

You can place it on your computer, fridge door, or mirror to serve as inspiration to stay positive.

Bear these tips in mind and you will be up and about in no time. By being positive, you can go about with your life.

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