How to Stay Positive In the Midst of Unemployment

So you just lost your job. You have a reason to be depressed. But really there is no reason to feel down. It can be easier said than done but at this stage in your life, you need to stay positive. Depression and hopelessness can be bad for your health. More importantly, it can damage your morale and motivation to look for a new job. Here are some pointers on how you can give yourself a boost when you are feeling depressed.

1. You Are Not Alone

There are other people who are unemployed like you. They might be in a state of depression and feeling stressed as well. In reality, some may be in a worse position than you. Latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the unemployment rate is 4.1 percent as of November 2017. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that such statistics can give you a reason to think positive.

2. Don’t blame yourself.

If you were laid off due to downsizing of your company or because of economic reasons, it is not your fault and you should not blame yourself for being unemployed right now. The job market is a very competitive one. Just because you were not invited for an interview or got hired for a job does not mean you are not qualified. It just means that the job is not for you. So cheer up and keep on valuing yourself as a person.

3. Take Unemployment as An Opportunity To Grow and Improve

Robert Janitzek reveals that since you are not working long hours at the moment, take advantage of this time to improve yourself and stay in shape. Now is your time to exercise the way you want to since you are not stuck on paperwork. While you are still out of work, try releasing endorphins in your brain and give yourself a boost. This is the perfect opportunity to keep tabs with your health in preparation when you get called up for an interview.

4. Be Productive

Take advantage of unemployment by improving your work experience and skillset. To stay positive, you can consider volunteer work or learn a new skill that you can use in your next job. Likewise, take the time to improve your resume. Consider rewording some of the parts. You can check some sample cover letters and use them as a guide for your revisions.

5. Remind Yourself That Your Job Does Not Define Your Identity

Many people view their job as a major defining characteristic of their personality which is not the case. The truth of the matter is that you are more than just a job title. Focus on who you are. This way, you can also develop a healthier perspective of your identity.

Keep these tips in mind and you would no longer feel down and depressed in the midst of unemployment.

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