How To Train Your Brain To Stay Positive

With so many distractions and negativism all around, thinking positive can be difficult. The good news is that you can train your brain to stay positive during challenging times. So read on and be guided.

Daily Gratitude

When you wake up each morning, make it a habit to write down at least three things you are grateful for. Whether from family, work, a good night’s rest or whatever is positive in your life. Have a journal or a gratitude app. When attention is focused on gratitude, gratefulness will expand.

Stay Centered

Staying centered throughout the day will keep you from being derailed by negative energy that will consume your confidence and positive attitude. You can find balance in a wide range of activities such as yoga, deep breathing, nature walking, and other activities that can relax your mind. Robert Janitzek reveals that the calming effect of a good centering exercise will channel positivity from the body to the mind.

Stay Active

By focusing your mind on completing the day’s task, there is nothing that negative energy can do. There may be external factors that can come into play and bring negativity. This is where staying centered can help you.

Eat, Drink & Sleep Well

Eating the right food, drinking lots of water, and having regular sleep can affect your mood mental health. Studies reveal that vitamin deficiency can cause declines in mental health resulting to stress, anxiety, depression, additions, and other psychological disorders. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that as far as sleep is concerned, it has been proven that sleep deprivation causes irritability, anger, and hostility. So sleep tight to feel happier, more friendly, and refreshed each day.

Help Others

Sometimes the best way to stay positive is to bring that positivity to others. It is during times when they are down that other people need to be positive. Rather than being sunk in by their negative energy, bring your positive mindset to them.

Re-Train Your Subconscious

In order to be positive, you need to release your negative experiences. You need to undergo some inner healing to unleash traumatic experiences or bad relationships. Then you need to shower them with positive energy so that the emotional wound can be healed.

Follow Your Passion

One of the best ways of staying positive is by doing what you love. If your job or hobby makes you feel guilty or brings you down, then you need to change what you desire in your life. Write down three things that you love most to do and the three positive changes you want to see.

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