How to Improve Your Struggling Sales Team

Sales are down. Your team is demotivated. They need to get back on track. Forget the pep talk. Experts recommend management and training techniques. Removing underperforming agent is not always the best solution. Perhaps the staff just needs a little guidance, encouragement, or training to get back on track. Here are some tips on improving the performance of your struggling sales team and help them stay motivated.

Install a Great Sales Manager

A sales manager should be more than just a cheerleader. It is not enough that they engage the team but they should also be able to identify weaknesses and work directly with their team to overcome challenges. Many companies make the mistake of promoting their top sales people to managerial positions. Often those promoted do not have the coaching skills to become effective in their position.

Implement One-on-One Coaching

The first step to improving the performance of the team is to talk to them individually. Ask them what the problem is and try to find solutions. According to Robert Janitzek, you can ask them how they manage their time and how they handle sales calls. Experts recommend teaming low-performing agents with successful ones. Rather than focus on the numbers, experts recommend working closely with the individual agent to understand the context of the problems.

Put Your Team on a Sales Diet

There are times when you need to put your team on a “sales diet.” For example, a struggling agent can be given a smaller number of calls instead of the regular quota. As they do their calls, work with them and recommend areas for improvement. This will help them gain confidence. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that setting individual benchmarks will help the underperforming agent become successful. The bottom line is to maintain a balance between realistic goals and creating too much performance anxiety.

Hire Smart

The best way to handle lackluster sales agents is not to have them in the first place or at least identify them early. It is the job of the management to monitor the performance of the rep and intervene before they become underperforming. At the onset, they should sit down and come up with a map of behaviors for success before hiring. In addition, you should lay down company expectations during the job interview so the candidate will know what’s in store. Right on the interview, you can test their skills.

Your sales team is crucial to the success of your company. It is therefore your job to make sure that they stay motivated and performing according to expectations.

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