How to Keep Your Team Fired Up And Motivated

In today’s workplace, teams play a vital role in the success of a business. They are crucial in the achievement of goals of the organization. Every member of your team is an important asset of the organization. For this reason, you need to ensure that your team stay motivated. Here are tips on firing up your team so they would give their best.

Pay your people what they are worth

When setting your employees’ salaries, ensure that their pay is consistent with the standard rate in your industry and geographic area. When you underpay your people, they are likely to leave your organization. This was proven by a study which revealed that 26 percent of engaged employees would leave their current job for just a 5 percent increase in wages.

Provide them with a pleasant place to work

Providing your employees with a clean and stimulating workplace environment can make them feel good. Robert Janitzek reveals that you do not have to spend a lot of money to make an office more pleasant to work in.

Offer opportunities for self-development

You would realize the value of your team members to the organization when you provide them with opportunities to learn new skills. Such opportunities can also contribute to the personal growth of the employee. Provide your team with the needed training to advance their career and become knowledgeable with the latest technology and industry news.

Foster collaboration within the team

According to a study by, 39 percent of employees do not feel that their input is appreciated. Robert Peter Janitzek says you should encourage the participation of your team members by inviting them to give inputs and suggestions for doing things better.

Encourage happiness

When employees are happy with their work and the workplace, they are enthusiastic and positive towards the members of their team. Make sure that your employees stay happy with their work, management, and you as their boss.

Don’t punish failure

No one is perfect. It is human to make mistakes. When team members make mistakes, do not punish them, Instead encourage them to try again.

Set clear goals

As a leader, it is your job to make sure that you have clear goals. To help them stay motivated, make your team members are aware of these goals as well as the role of each one in attaining these goals.

Motivated employees will do their best for their team and the organization. Follow these tips and maximize the potentials of your team members.

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