The Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking

Our beliefs and thoughts are very much impacted by the Law of Attraction. It states that we attract not what we want but who we are. For this reason, we need to stay positive because it can sync with our desires. This is where the power of positive thinking sinks in. When we think positive, we attract everything that we desire—money, abundance, love, better health, and others. Here are some steps on how we can have a positive mindset using the Law of Attraction:

Focus on your desires. As much as possible, we should set our thoughts on our desires and not on wants. The latter are things that we do not have. So set our minds on desires and turn them into positive intentions. Write them down in a journal.

Turn your problems into challenges. Robert Janitzek says that we should not think of challenges as a problem instead we should look at them as opportunities. Good things can come from these challenges.

Challenge your thoughts. The mind is a creative machine. It can create all kinds of things outside of reality. It has the power of creative visualization. However, your mind also has the power to create fear, doubts, and scenarios that do not exist. So challenge these visualizations. Remember the Law of Attraction can affect our thoughts.

Focus on an action. For everything that we do, there is a corresponding action. Our actions attract our desires in life. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that while they may not be perfect, you can correct those actions as you go. By taking action, our thoughts automatically shift into a positive state.

Develop an attitude of gratitude. While this has been passed around to many generations, the attitude of gratitude has lost its meaning to most people. The truth of the matter is that when you are grateful for all the things that is happening in your life, negativity will not enter your thoughts.

Give up the resistance. Sometimes we tend to try hard. We over think everything, worry too much, resist new ideas, or new beliefs. As a result, negativity sets in. There are many opportunities, people, and ideas that will change the entire direction of your life. Take positive steps to advance in a new and exciting direction.

Be in the now. Each enjoy each and every moment in your life. Make it special and live in the present and now in the future. While you can have time for creative visualizations, always be in the present, in the NOW.

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