Let Passion And Motivation Ignite Your Career

Your passion and motivation for work will be your passport to a successful career. Your ability to relate with your colleagues, customers, and partners will prove valuable to your company. Most companies like employees who are passionate and motivated as they are considered an asset. Robert Janitzek provides some tips on how you can ignite your career with your passion and motivation.

Passion Increases Your Market Value

By being passionate with your work, you can increase your market value. Use your energy and ability to build your network and establish emotional bonds with the people you will work with. As such, you should work on becoming an expert in maintaining and nurturing professional relationships. Make yourself as unique from the other as possible. Being an expert in relationships will differentiate you from the others.

Passion trumps expertise

Combining passion and energy is much stronger than academic prowess alone. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that possessing both qualities will help you maximize your potential and allow others to see your uniqueness. As much as possible, choose a job that you are passionate with and execute it energy. These two qualities will help produce results for you.

It will also help if you will surround yourself with people who have the same enthusiasm, energy, and excitement as you have. They are contagious and will help the energy that is in you. Whatever quality you bring to the table will be part of your corporate image.

“Shining eyes” effect

Passion and energy will generate what is called the “shining eyes” effect. This will help you stay motivated as your qualities will help create a good impression of you to others. People like working with someone whose eyes are vibrant, smiling, convincing, and compelling.

Find Your Motivation

What motivates you to work? It is important to find the answer to this question as it will be your driving force towards achieving your goals. There are two types of motivation that can drive you. Internal motivation comes from within you. External motivation, on the other hand, comes from outside the individual. How motivated you are will dictate your performance. There are three factors that drive your motivation.

Faith will fuel your passion and vice versa. It will help other people trust you. When you believe in yourself, others will believe you. Commitment refers to the degree to which you want something. Your desire to want something will determine your commitment level towards that desire. Focus is how you try to avoid distractions and diversions.

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